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Photo Gallery - Restoration by Howard Iron Works Restoration Team

At any given time, our Restoration Team works on several projects simultaneously.  For historical and archival purposes, our HIW photographer diligently takes pictures during the restoration and documents the various processes each machine is being put through.  We have compiled the photos in a photo gallery for each machine.  We hope you enjoy them.

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We offer our restoration services to others, and will also complete machines that can be either purchased or leased for use or as beautiful displays

For inquiries about our restoration services, please contact: info@howardironworks.org

The antique machines arrive in our facility, more often than not, in many pieces, having laid dormant and been abandoned perhaps for many decades before we seize the opportunity to rescue them. These century-old presses had been well used during their productive lives, and often received no maintenance whatsoever and were kept running with crudely repaired parts and missing components. Such was the case of our recently acquired Wood & Co. Columbian Iron Press from 1861.

Sean, a member of our Restoration Team, has taken on the challenge to bring the iconic serpent back to its glory. The draconic sea serpent is a functional decorative feature of the frame header of the Columbian press.  At some point  during the machine's 153 years of existence, the serpent's mouth was badly damaged and rudimentary repair was attempted. But, thanks to Sean's skills and ingenuity, the sea serpent can now live another 153 years and beyond - for the enjoyment of our future generations.

Featured here is the slide presentation of Saving The Sea Serpent.

The restoration of the sea serpent is just one great example of the full range of capabilities our restoration experts can offer. HIW services are not limited to just work involving printing machinery, but we can undertake any rejuvenation projects relating to any industrial machines. If you have the requirements for such work, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@howardironworks.org


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