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Hopkinson & Cope Albion Hand Iron Press

Richard Cope, an Englishman, designed and built his first press in 1820. Cope designed a toggle and lever with links as his first attempt. It was Cope’s workplace foreman and eventual owner, Mr. John Hopkinson, who removed the links and “improved” the Albion to a point where it went on to become the favoured press in Great Britain.

Our machine, dated 1848, was made in Finsbury, London, by Hopkinson. It carries all the improvements Hopkinson made and has the Hopkinson & Cope name on its face. The Albion was found in a stone barn in England, having been neglected for decades. With great care and expertise, our restorers worked tirelessly to breath new life to the aged beauty.

Manufacturer: Hopkinson & Cope, London, UK
Y.O.M: 1848
Serial No.: 2290
Size: 17.75¨ x 24¨ Demy
Restored: 2014

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