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Adams Acorn Hand Iron Press

Sourced from Logan, Utah, our Acorn press arrived with major cracks in the castings on both left and right side of the frame. At some point, brackets were bolted to the frames which did nothing for its appearance. We undertook to nickel weld the frame and fill the unpleasant holes. Now, the Adams looks just as it did when leaving the Boston factory. As a special treat, we have a forme of the Mormon Bible’s first 8 pages - thanks to the late Mr. Keith Watkins of Watkins Printing. Just as Mr. Watkins pulled proofs for interested visitors, we shall be doing the same.

Manufacturer: I. Adams & Co., Boston, MA, USA
Y.O.M: ca 1832
Serial No.: 308
Size: 19.5¨ x 25.5¨ Medium
Restored: 2014

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