Morgans & Wilcox Proving Press

Manufacturer: Morgans & Wilcox Mfr. Co., Middletown, NY, USA

Y.O.M: mid 1890s

Serial No.:


Restored: 2015


In 1876, William T. Morgans, a former Union soldier, newspaperman, inventor and patent-holder, partnered with a wealthy industrialist, George Young, and formed Young & Morgans in Napanoch, NY, making wood type.

When a fire destroyed the factory in 1880, Morgans moved the business to Middletown, NY, with a new partner, H.K. Wilcox, formed Morgans & Wilcox Mfr. Co.

After Morgans died in 1882, M&W continued making type, cabinets, etc., until Hamilton Wood Type bought the type founding part of the business in 1897. M&W retained the printer’s furniture part and kept it going until the mid-20th century. Our M&W Proofpress is from the mid-1890s.

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