Adast Grafopress Model GPA Automatic Platen Press

Manufacturer: Adast, former Czechoslovakia

Y.O.M: 1958

Serial No.: 8504

Size: 10" x 15"

Restored: 2019

Made behind the iron curtain, in former Czechoslovakia, the Adast Grafopress was modelled after the much-beloved, much-copied Heidelberg Windmill. Among the knock-offs, the Grafopress was probably the only one that managed to make inroads in the markets in Western Europe and North America. Marketed as the cheaper alternative to the Original, and although considered as inferior, Grafopress did have one feature - the ability to lock out the forme rollers - which was incorporated into the Heidelberg many years later, but not until Drupa 1967.

At the HWI museum, the 1958 Grafopress is joined by a 1988 Grafopress Model GPE - showing what a difference 30 years made.

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