Komori Hand-fed Offset Press - ca 1930s

Manufacturer: Komori Printing Mahinery Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Model: 1-olour, hand-fed

Y.O.M: ca 1930s

Serial No.:

Size: 21¨ x 28¨

Acquired: 2014


Komori Machine Works was founded by two Komori brothers in 1923, in Tokyo’s Honjo-ku district. The Komori brothers produced their first machine in 1924 - a stone lithographic press.  But, their sights had always been set on the offset technologies that were sweeping over America and Europe. 

In 1928, subscribing to their continuous improvement philosophy, Komori produced their first offset press, and the rest is history. Today, Komori continues to be on the leading edge of printing technology. Our Komori is a single-colour hand-fed press of the early original version. In 2023, our Komori press took part in the world-wide celebration of Komori's 100th anniversary.

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