Heidelberg Rotaspeed RZO Offset Press

Manufacturer: Heidelberg AG, Heidelberg, Germany

Model: Rotaspeed RZO

Y.O.M: 1967

Serial No.: 400486 S

Size: 28¨ x 40¨

Restored: 1999


Built in 1967, this Heidelberg Rotaspeed may not seem to be old enough for the museum. But, it’s included for a reason. This was one of the last to leave the Wiesloch factory with a chain transfer design. Originally, in the early sixties, Heidelberg experimented with a chain - afterall, Faber & Schleicher had been very successful with their Rolands. Besides, chains were much cheaper than a drum and gear.

At first, Heidelberg tried using the standard delivery gripper bar. That was disaster. Then, they tried a Suluminum special material. Finally, with constant register problems, they gave up and built the Rotaspeed as a cylinder and gear transfer.

The Rotaspeed is not a happy memory for Heidelberg to this very day, and was quickly replaced with the hugely successful Speedmaster in 1975.

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