Harris Seybold Potter Model LSB Offset Press

Manufacturer: Harris Seybold Potter, Cleveland, OH

Model: LSB

Y.O.M: 1935

Serial No.: 16641

Size: 17¨ x 22¨

Restored: 2022


Introduced in 1933, the LSB would be Harris-Seybold-Potter’s first foray into the small sheet size offset market. Though reception was cool in the onset, by the end of its run in 1943, 746 LSBs left the Cleveland factory at the rate of 75 presses annually.

The LSB was so popular that the US Defense Department commissioned Harris to build a lighter version for the Army map and ordinance. The “special” press was designated LTE. There is no record of how many were made, but these presses could be used in the back of vehicles near the frontline. Most went to the Pacific theatre during WW II, with some still put to use in the Korean War. Harris is the Father of the Modern Offset Press (1906). Today, L3 Harris is a juggernaut technology company with over $ 18 billion in revenues.

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