Karl Krause Lithographic Press

Manufacturer: Karl Krause, Leipzig, Germany

Y.O.M: 1899

Serial No.: 64170

Size: 85 cm x 125 cm

Restored: 2016

Karl Krause formed his business in 1855 in Leipzig, Germany, and was manufacturing hundreds of types of machinery - mostly bookbinding related equipment. Not to be left out of the burgeoning market of lithography, Krause also produced stone lithographic presses.

The Krause stone litho presses were offered in many sizes, from 45 cm x 55 cm to the largest 85 cm x 125 cm, and with a variety of options, such as friskets (Deckelrahmen) or cast iron bed to allow printing using zinc plate instead of stone. Our press has neither of those options, but is equipped with optional larger pulley and clutch to allow connection to a drive, as well as still being able to be operated manually.

Krause also utilized a unique naming system for their stone presses to simplfy the ordering process and to ensure accuracy. Ours is a Mumie.

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