Heidelberg OHC Cylinder Press

Manufacturer: Schnellpressenfabrik AG. Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany

Y.O.M: 1949

Serial No.: 1909

Size: 460 mm x 530 mm / 18" x 20.875"

Restored: 1998

Schnellpressenfabrik AG. (Heidelberg) started to build automated cylinder machines in 1935. For many years previous, Heidelberg had manufactured hand-fed cylinders of similar design to most of the German manufacturers such as Albert, MAN and Klein Forst & Bohn. This model, the “OHC" (Original Heidelberger Cylinder), became an instant smash and went on to be sold in various sizes until the 1980’s. Even today, many shops use the OHC range for die-cutting.

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