Karl Krause Guillotine

Manufacturer: Maschinenfabrik Karl Krause, Leipzig, Germany

Y.O.M: ca 1900s

Serial No.: 80349

Size: 100 cm / 39.375"

Restored: 2016


Formed in 1855, Karl Krause was a prolific builder and aggressive marketer. From his first plant in Leipzig, Germany, Krause manufactured hundreds of different machines, mostly for the bookbinding and paper cutting industry. Everything, from shears to cornering, calendering, arming and embossing machines, were made. Even stone lithographic presses became popular.

Our machine was acquired from Knjigoveznica Soban in Zagreb, Croatia. Bogumil Soban founded the bookbindery in 1899, and was well known for his art nouveau bookbinding and his contribution to the design of the book covers for many famous artists. In 1906, Soban received an award at the Vienna Exhibition for his bookbinding craft.

In addition to the Krause Guillotine, the Soban Collection also includes gold blocking press, sewing machine, standing press, board shear, and letters, ornaments, and hand gilding tools.

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